Stannah Stairlifts | Health & Safety | 2020 Health & Safety Policy

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Written by Stannah at 13th March 2020

We Take Care

How we're working to keep our customers and employees safe

Updated 4/1/2021

With current public health concerns, Stannah has increased its efforts to keep our communities safe. We are taking every precaution to eliminate direct contact and conduct all essential services as safely as possible.

Working in the stairlift industry, nothing is more important to us than your safety. Given the current climate, we’d like to take a minute to share what we are doing to maintain a clean work-space and provide safe and reliable service to our community of shoppers, customers and employees. We are aware of the vulnerabilities of the communities we serve and therefore are implementing precautionary measures to protect our employees and customers.

Stannah is continually monitoring the situation and all our staff have been advised to follow public health guidelines on hygiene to prevent the spread of this virus. If anyone shows symptoms, they will be asked to stay home for the recommended amount of self-quarantine time.

Stairlift Sales Appointments

For the safety and convenience of our customers, we are now offering video and phone appointments, in addition to traditional in-home appointments. These are a great way to get all the information you need to purchase a stairlift, without having to interact directly. If you do want to schedule an in-home appointment, extensive safety precautions will be taken to minimize contact. To schedule any type of appointment, simply call our office and we’ll be happy to guide you through whichever appointment process best suits you.

Stairlift Installations

We’ve changed our installation process to meet the needs of the moment. Our installers and service technicians are fully equipped with disinfectant wipes, gloves and safety masks.  They have also been trained to follow public health guidelines on social distancing and cleanliness. They’re washing their hands regularly throughout the day (always before and after entering a customer’s home) and wiping down high-touch surfaces in their work vehicles. We’re also asking customers to stay in another room, while the installation or service is taking place. After work is complete, we wipe down your stairlift with disinfectant wipes and either demonstrate how to use your stairlift at a safe distance or schedule a remote demonstration at a later time.

General Health & Safety Guidelines for Stannah Employees

For those meeting with us in person, this additional guidance has been prescribed for all Stannah North America employees and premises:

  1. Eliminate physical contact in the office and with customers. This includes shaking hands, high fives, hugs, etc.
  2. Institute cleaning of high touch areas in each office, (at least) twice daily: once after start of business and once after lunch, using cleaning products such as disinfecting wipes and/or sprays.
  3. Meetings in offices are permitted, but do not enter into another employee’s desk or cubical area
  4. For employees interacting with customers:
    1. We are using hand sanitizer frequently and carrying it with us at all times.
    2. We are asking to wash our hands as we enter and leave our customers’ homes.
    3. We are also using disinfecting wipes frequently, before and after each visit in a home, especially on high touch items. This includes, but isn’t limited to:
      • Phones
      • Computers
      • Equipment
      • Vehicle touch points (handles, steering wheel, radio dials, etc)

    A Stannah Stairlift helps prevent falls

    Like you, we are looking forward to spending time with family and enjoying brighter days ahead. But, until then, we are being vigilant in our efforts and doing all that we can to protect our customers through these safety measures. We understand that staying home safely is critical and we’re taking every precaution, so that we can to provide safe, reliable service to meet your essential needs.