Year: 2017

World Heart Day: Preventing heart disease and promoting healthier living

World Heart Day: Preventing Heart Disease & Promoting Healthy Living

Written by Stannah on 27th September 2017

“Listen to your heart.” It’s a phrase we hear a lot. It might be your favorite line from a classic romantic comedy or sound advice delivered to you by a cherished loved one. Regardless of where you first encountered the phrase, the idea that our hearts are central to who we are as people has […]

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Knee pain is one of the key factors for reduced mobility

Knee pain: know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures

Written by Stannah on 18th September 2017

When you, or someone you know, experience severe knee pain caused either by a knee injury, Osteoarthritis or even Rheumatoid Arthritis, you’ll know how distressing and painful it can be to walk 200 yards to the grocery store, go about your everyday activities, get in and out of the bath or walk up and down […]

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Grandparents share a special moment with their grandchildren.

Grandparents Day: Interesting facts and suggestions for the perfect gift

Written by Stannah on 29th August 2017

On September 10th (the first Sunday after Labour Day), Stannah celebrates National Grandparents Day. This year, we’ve decided to make sure this special day won’t be forgotten. For those fortunate enough to still have their grandparents, we know how important it is to know how they are, what worries them, hear their stories and, above […]

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In Walking Soccer, running is against the rules to lessen the risk of injury.

Walk, Don’t Run! How Walking Soccer is Helping the Elderly Stay Active

Written by Stannah on 22nd August 2017

As we age, activities that were once second nature can become a real challenge. For older athletes, it can be difficult to replicate the physical and social benefits of being part of a team, especially since senior health is often treated as a solo affair. But even as their mobility declines and their bodies become […]

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Young girl taking a picture

Youth Day: Senior Citizens share their wisdom with younger people

Written by Stannah on 11th August 2017

On International Youth Day, we thought it would be fitting to devote an article to bridging the gap between generations, by looking at some advice senior citizens had for younger adults. Young people tend to forget that seniors were once their age and have gone through similar challenges. The older generation can serve as a […]

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Safety at home: are your parents safe at home? 8 warning signs

Safety at Home: 8 Signs That Your Parents May Be Struggling

Written by Stannah on 9th August 2017

Canadians are living longer, and there’s an increased desire among seniors to maintain their independence as they age in place. But, while it’s important to respect their autonomy, when it comes to our parents, we certainly want to ensure that their health and safety at home is not forgotten. The Mayo Clinic recently shared 8 […]

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With memory exercises, you can do some mental workout and keep your mind healthy

Memory Exercises: tips to keep your mind healthy and strong as you age

Written by Stannah on 27th July 2017

As we age, doing some memory exercises becomes increasingly important because it is not uncommon to notice that our memory function may seem to decrease. Memory lapses, like the inability to recall a name or missing a doctor’s appointment, can occur at any age. However, elderly people tend to become more upset by them due […]

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5 Misconceptions about Aging

Written by Stannah on 25th July 2017

There are many misconceptions about aging that affect our loved ones as they grow older. These stigmas can negatively impact our elderly loved ones and may affect their interactions with others. However, the later years of life often feature an increase in expendable time, allowing for new experiences and connections. Unfortunately, some elderly people may […]

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